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LAVONS Fabric Refresher Shiny Moon

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Breathe in the calming aroma of revitalizing bamboo leaves, lilac, and neroli with Shiny Moon's fragrance. Spritz onto furnishings, linens, or any fabric in need of a pick-me-up. This Fabric Refresher contains organic, antibacterial ingredients that zap away odors.

  • Removes odors from cigarettes, pets and food. Gives fabrics a pleasant scent.

  • Use on sofas and carpets / curtains and beds / coats and shoes

How To Use

Sprayed in the space to removes unpleasant odors such as tobacco, pet-related, etc.
Also able freshens up fabric on clothing and sofas that cannot be washed immediately.


Top Notes: Bamboo leaf.

Middle Notes: Jasmine, muguet, violet, lilac.

Bottom Notes: Neroli, amber, musk.


  • Refreshes items that can't be washed daily
  • Organic ingredients
  • Antibacterial
  • Eliminates odors
  • luxurious scent
  • sage and thyme extracts